Working for us, you can help make the world a slightly better place. We solve little everyday problems. We help people who are perhaps concerned about a technical problem, or who have a question of monumental importance – at least as far as they are concerned.

Our work is telephone-based or online. So you can work comfortably on a screen in your office. Our workplaces are modern, with air conditioning in many of our sites. To ensure you always keep a cool head, no matter what challenge the next call may throw up. This makes your job enjoyable and varied.

Even if your work isn’t physical, it can still be strenuous. You need to concentrate, be able to talk/communicate all day and yet be friendly at all times. Regardless of how many calls you’ve taken today – the customer is always right. You must show an interest in him and his concerns. We will of course give you advance training in how you should do this and what you need to know.

A typical working day? Here’s an example

8.30 a.m.: Hooray, you’ve arrived! Entering your office, the first thing you do is log in to the computer system. You can now take calls or start communicating online. You can access the data records of customers who contact you.

8.45 a.m.: You take calls, answer questions and solve problems. During or after each contact with a customer, you update the relevant data record. You enter amendments and new data or note the contents of the discussion.

11.30 a.m.: A team meeting is due to start. You go through the current project and discuss what’s to be done. Perhaps the client is starting a major recall campaign next week or you compare your targets with what your team has already achieved.

12.00 noon: Lunch. You can spend your lunchtime in break rooms, or enjoying various leisure activities offered by the different locations such as table football, massage chairs and games consoles, or chilling in relaxation rooms. Depending on the length of your working day, you can also take regular monitor breaks and recreational breaks.

12.30 p.m.: The day continues with more customers with questions and problems.

3.00 p.m.: A coaching session with the project supporter is scheduled for today. He listens in to your phone calls and gives you useful tips. Regular training courses are also offered. You learn everything you need for your job and receive training in conversational skills.  It’s great fun and helps in your day-to-day work – you’ll soon see!

4.00 p.m.: The coaching session has finished. “Normal madness” resumes. A customer has put his mobile phone in the microwave to dry out... how do you tactfully explain to him that this isn’t covered by the guarantee?

5.00 p.m.: Finished. Time to go home – with that satisfying feeling of having helped so many people.