Imagine a big company with lots of customers. These customers have questions about products or contracts, for example. Our employees answer these questions on behalf of the company, ensuring that the customers feel they are in good hands. In many cases, we assume all aspects of customer service for a client – i.e. everything relating to contact with customers. From accepting a new customer through to customer service, customer support and invoicing. To give you a better idea:

In Germany, Switzerland and Poland alone, our employees have over 100 million contacts a year with customers on behalf of our clients.

So it’s just a question of talking on the phone? Nothing of the sort!

Of course, phone calls are part of our work. A considerable part, actually. Our employees take inbound calls – but depending on the project they also sometimes make outbound calls in order to contact customers. The topics covered are often complex – from technical hotlines and giving advice on mobile phone contracts through to providing services relating to energy, finance or tourism.

We also advise customers via chat facilities, in Facebook forums or via email, in a wide range of languages. That’s why we employ people from diverse cultures and professions. Every individual contributes his or her own knowledge – and every individual is valuable to us. 

We also develop new ideas and innovative technologies to further enhance our clients’ customer service.