All companies need to have values... and so on and so forth. You undoubtedly realise that already. But sometimes, even the most precious values become lost in day-to-day operations.

We do things differently, however. We haven’t reinvented the wheel, because values such as “openness” or “quality” are important to us, too. But we have tried to define our values so that they don’t just look good on paper. And instead actually mean something in reality.

They are also easy to remember. When arranged together, the initials appropriately form the word “VOICE” – in line with what we do.

V: Values

Our values define us as a company.

Have you experienced that feeling when you’re proud of someone or someone is proud of you? It’s a very good feeling indeed. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with our values: We want you to be proud. Of yourself and of working for Capita. And we want to be proud of you. This is achievable if we each contribute through our behaviour. And if we each know the correct behaviour to follow if the worst comes to the worst. In other words, our values are actually a guide for you to follow in your job.

O: Open

We are honest, transparent, and always act with integrity.

Sport calls it fair play: we are fair and show respect. Towards customers and colleagues, managers and employees. Even if someone is different to you.

You might receive a call from an elderly lady or from someone who can’t speak your language very well. It would be easy to exploit this situation. But instead, you try to help and find the best solution – not the one that’s most convenient for you.

And of course, you may have a colleague who is himself a little older or who speaks the caller’s language. Thankfully! Because we aim to ensure that our team is as diverse as our customers. And although problems may nevertheless occur in our day-to-day work together, it’s important to discuss and resolve them openly.

I: Ingenious

We think smartly, are resourceful and innovative.

Simply thinking “everyone does it like that” or “we’ve always done that” doesn’t achieve anything. Perhaps you have a new and much better idea. An inspiration, so to speak. Or perhaps you notice something’s wrong but you can’t resolve it right now? Tackle the issue, think about it, develop crazy ideas, be daring. Ask others to help you find a better solution together. And think of Thomas Edison, who needed 1,000 attempts before he invented the light bulb. He saw the funny side of things: “I now know 1,000 ways how not to make a light bulb.”

C: Collaborative

Each one of us assumes responsibility, but also acts as part of a Team.

Do you know the saying “Everyone is the architect of their own fortune”? Forget it! We can achieve far more by working together. No one can do everything. No one can be everywhere at the same time. So it’s important to share tasks. And let everyone do what they do best: their job. But if colleagues need us or our know-how, we are happy to help. And vice versa. This also applies in a wider context, namely in our collaboration with other companies of the Capita Group.

E: Effective

We deliver what we promise and believe that great service can always be better.

Imagine having to ask someone to do something three times. Or the person does it all by himself – with enthusiasm and right first time.  Which would you prefer? Exactly! The same goes for our customers. That’s what we mean when we say we do our best. It doesn’t mean you can’t make any mistakes at all – simply that if the worst comes to the worst, you learn from them.  What’s more, it feels wonderful when something goes right. It gives you a great boost.

Be positive in your work and keep the goal in sight – you’ll be surprised how good you are at your job.