Full-time or part-time positions for experienced professionals or people seeking a change of career, apprentices or people starting out in their career. (Almost) everything is possible working for us. This section provides you with information on all the openings available to you. And if you are a single parent, a student or a pensioner, don’t hesitate for a moment – we’d love to get to know you! The same applies if you have a disability, because we have a solution for many obstacles which may make your day-to-day work difficult.

Experts and people seeking a change of career

We aren’t bothered about your past. Only what you can offer and what you are willing to learn. Of course, we love it if...Read more

Career starters

Lifelong learning. You must have heard that saying. With us, you learn in the midst of life. For example, if you complete an...Read more

Part-time working

Do you have a child, are you studying, are you a freelancer or already retired? Great! Then you may well be looking for flexible...Read more


Do you have a disability? Capita doesn’t see this as an obstacle. For example, many of our locations are suitable for wheelchairs...Read more