Here you can find a selection of the employee benefits on offer at our sites in Switzerland.

Fair salary

Earn great money with us. We commit to paying you a fair salary. And that’s no matter what job you do or where you do it.

In Switzerland, a collective labour agreement for customer service advisors is in place with the contactswiss employer association and the Syndicom trade union. This includes a fairly negotiated, attractive wage structure.

Based on how well you do your job, we’ll also add tidy bonuses on top of that. We’ve developed an attractive bonus system, because we think great performance should earn great rewards.


Recharging your batteries every now and then is really important. We all know that! How else can you do your job properly? That’s why we also offer fair annual leave.

Depending on your role and how long you've been in the company, we offer between 20 and 25 days holiday each year.

Public transport connections

Of course, to work with us, you need to get here first. All our sites are well connected, either by bus or train – regardless of whether you're coming from the city centre, surrounding area or if you rely on regional train links.

Comprehensive project training & induction

When you start with us, everything is new! Rest assured, we support you by providing professional training to help you get started. We want you to feel at home, right from the beginning! We've developed appropriate training and familiarisation models to help you to settle in faster. In addition, you’ll have a trainer on your side – someone who knows their way around the company and your department. The trainer will show you how to perform your role, shadow you through the first few weeks, give you tips, and answer all your questions. Basically, they're there for you!

Development opportunities

Did we already mention that Capita is one of the largest communication service providers in Europe? Maybe even the biggest employer in your town? That opens quite a lot of doors...

Why not make a career of it? Continue to develop your skills and let us help you do just that. With Capita, all employees have the same chances and opportunities for promotion.

You can swap departments and discover new locations and fields of work. Or perhaps you want to take on more responsibility, by specialising or heading up a team or a project?

We’ll support you because you’re doing something good for yourself. You will always be improving. A central part of our strategy is to fill vacant positions with our own staff, such as in the management or administration teams.

Your apprenticeship with us

Do you want to do more than “just” a job? You can do an internship or apprenticeship. Or complete a business or IT qualification while you work for us. At the end of the day, we’ve also got an interest in making sure you're always getting better at your job!

Operational health management

Know what else is important in your job? Nutrition, movement, the right posture – and so much more. We run an operational health management scheme with lots of  campaigns, tips, and ideas on how to stay healthy.

Even if you're clued up on this already, eat well or are physically active, you can almost certainly still learn something from our experts. Of course, doing things as a team means more fun – for example, there are daily fruit deliveries for the entire site, courses on how to maintain healthy posture for your back, and you caneven do a few quick fitness exercises with your office colleagues.

Coming back made easier

Everyone gets ill from time to time. Sometimes illness affects people often or for longer periods of time. If this happens to you, you won't be on your own. We always encourage conversation, so that we can support your recovery or prevent a repeated inability to work. With this in mind, we facilitate many things that should make it easier for you to get healthy, and stay healthy, e.g. through rehabilitation measures, special working equipment or adjusting your working hours. Of course, we’re not talking about a few days of the sniffles! But we’ll be there for you if things really take a turn for the worse. This is on a voluntary basis. You decide if and how we support you – together with your supervisor. Of course, your supervisors are subject to confidentiality obligations – but if you don't want anyone to know your diagnosis, you can simply keep it to yourself. Nevertheless, we’ll help you as much as we can.

Special working equipment

Working in an office day-after-day can also take its toll, when you're stuck sitting motionlessly. Sometimes a few well-chosen pieces of work equipment can help make life in an office a bit more comfortable.

If you notice any adverse effects on your arms, hands or shoulder area, we’ll provide you with ergonomic equipment such as a special mouse and keyboard, as well as making sure your screen is at the right height. In other cases, we equip workspaces with a standing desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing, saving your back some of the hard work.

Employee benefits and events

We’re proud of our employees and their performance! That's why we always offer exciting benefits, whether it’s for individual projects or the entire site. That’s just our way of saying thanks. We also organise small and large events on a regular basis, as well as team outings and parties.